This Paragliding Rope Swing Is the Most Insane Thing Ever

There are 10 little GoPro cameras filming this sky swinging, paragliding, parachuting man. They capture his fall from the sky at many angles. He looks so comfortable in his pajama pants. He’s floating in the sky as if he was born there. He’s laughing. Fear is nonexistent. So for us that usually like to keep our feet on the ground, we’ve got no excuse.

Get ready for a wild ride! (Screenshot/YouTube)

Get ready for a wild ride! Image: Screenshot/Youtube

Matthias Giraud is the bird-like jumper we see here. He’s a professional skier and BASE jumper. BASE jumping refers to jumping off of a fixed structure with a parachute. Giraud usually combines BASE jumping with skiing. In this case he jumps from one paraglider to another. He’s so cool, he even escaped an avalanche during a BASE jump once.

Wait, what?! (Screenshot/Youtube)

Wait, what?! (Screenshot/YouTube)


Woah what a view! Image: Screenshot/Youtube

Whoa, what a view! (Screenshot/YouTube)


Additional reporting by Ben Maloney

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