It’s Party Time for the World’s Only Panda Triplets (Video)

Giant pandas fans, here’s an update about the only surviving triplet cubs!

These three little cuties are doing well, and can’t wait to celebrate their 1st birthday! So workers at the Chimelong Safari Park threw an early birthday party for the little ones turning 6 months old.

The baby triplets—two boys and a girl—were named Shuaishuai (Handsome), Kuku (Cool), and Mengmeng (Cute) after a nationwide naming competition.

Now they’re half a year old, the trio are getting their panda style: Their fur is getting thicker, their bodies are getting chubby, and they’re developing that classic black-and-white look.

For the half-birthday, popular Chinese singer Li Yuchun visited the park, and the cubs got a special cake. But it wasn’t a cream cake or a cheesecake. It was made from their favorite food… that’s right:

A bamboo birthday cake for the panda triplets!

Obviously, the babies loved this sweet surprise, and one of them jumped all over Li Yuchun. The bears chased each other around, and posed “professionally” for the camera.

According to one of the workers, the half-birthday was a very special occasion because panda triplets have never survived this long before.

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