Man’s House Disappears After He Went for a Walk… What Happened?

A Beijing street collapsed three times in 10 hours on Jan. 24. (Image:
A Beijing street collapsed three times in 10 hours on Jan. 24. (Image:

If you live in this area or nearby, please be careful because your home or even your life might just get swallowed up by the street overnight!

The ground in front of 93 Denei Avenue in Beijing caved in twice early on Jan. 24, leaving a gaping hole that was 49 feet long, 16 feet wide, and 33 feet deep.

A witness surnamed Jin said he received a phone call early that morning to move his car because he had parked it near the site of the first collapse. He hurried to the parking lot to shift it. And then the second collapse happened.


Workers started reconstruction after the second collapse. (Image:

While rescue workers arrived at the scene, all southbound lanes were sealed off, and residents were just starting to recover when…

… the ground shook and crumbled for a third time!

The Siheyuan located at number 93 completely fell apart, and disappeared along with other houses at number 89.


93 Denei Avenue was a pile of ruins after the third collapse. (Image:

The street opened up three times in 10 hours that day. Fortunately, by the time the third collapse took place at noon, residents had already been evacuated so there were no casualties.

It all happened very suddenly, and most residents didn’t even have time to react. “I went out for a walk at 10 this morning, and when I got back, my house had disappeared,” said a man who lived at 89 Denei Avenue.

The cause of the incident is under investigation. Local residents suspect that it may be due to a basement construction project taking place beneath 93 Denei Avenue, according to the People’s Daily.

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