Marvel Set to Sling Spider-Man Into Future Avengers Movies

Spider-Man and Avengers
Spider-Man finally joining the big team on the screen. (screenshot:

Spider-Man is coming to the Avengers, or, some Avengers may come into the next Spider-Man film. Most likely it’s both.

Marvel wanted the rights to Spider-Man. Sony Pictures isn’t handing over the web slinger. Sony is allowing Marvel involvement in a future Spider-Man film. This is related to Amazing Spider-Man 2 performing lower than expected. In return, Sony will let Marvel get Spider-Man involved in it’s Avengers-related films.


Spider-Man hopes to swing back to cinematic form. (Image: “Spider-Man” by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia)

Spider-Man will turn over a new leaf…again.

If you’re a comic fan like me, you know there was a major missing face from the Avengers films. And Spider-Man would be the only reason to make another Hulk film. They were great adversaries.

Spider-Man punch

Spider-Man welcomes Sandman with a pleasant greeting. (Image: “S3 sandman punch” by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia)

I’ll be happy to see how this plays out. Marvel isn’t naming which film they will start with for Spider-Man’s cinematic rebirth. The only thing certain is that the 3rd installment of a recast Amazing Spider-Man film is coming in 2017. But there are many possible story directions for Spider-Man inclusion in another Avengers or Captain America film.

Spidey first appearance

Spidey’s first appearance, before he had his own comic. (Image: “Amazing Fantasy 15” by “Amazing Fantasy #15” at The Grand Comics Database. Retrieved September 7, 2004.. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia)

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