New Bride Gets Welcomed Home by Heavy-Duty Cranes (Photos)

    A fleet of six cranes brought the bride home along the road to Jiangxiahua mountain in Wuhan. (Image: groom is a crane driver, and wanted to show his love by welcoming his bride home with a crane. (Image: unique and beautiful memory. (Image:

    Here’s one way to organize an impressive wedding and make it the memory of a lifetime!

    In China, wealthy people usually hire a fleet of expensive cars to make a public display of bringing a bride home, whereas average people either have a bicycle bride or rent regular cars.

    Well, you probably never saw anyone do it this way… On Feb. 6, a fleet of six heavy-duty cranes rolled down the road to Wulijia in Wuhan.

    The 25-year-old groom is a crane operator.

    He wanted to take his bride home in a special way—by crane.

    His brother-in-law arranged the fleet of six cranes to help organize a unique wedding for the family. Four of the 50-ton cranes were his own, and the two 25-ton ones were borrowed.

    The number six signifies “smooth without obstacles,” like the Chinese saying: “Six with six is smooth in everything.” This applies both to the newly weds and the crane company.

    The groom said that although BMWs and Mercedes Benz are more pricey and fashionable, his crane fleet was no less presentable. 

    Photos of the event were shared online, and bloggers sent them congratulations, commenting that the idea of transporting the bride in a crane was very novel and will become popular.

    Translated by Cecilia

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