World’s No. 1 Glass Skywalk Makes Its Debut in China (Photos)

    The project was started in March 2014. (Image: total investment was 35 million yuan ($5.6 million). (Image: cheering as the construction is completed. (Image: computer-generated image of what the site will look like when it's finished. (Image: cantilevered part of the glass bridge. (Image: whole bridge, is made of glass, even the guardrail, giving tourists a 360-degree view of the landscape. (Image:

    Taking a selfie on the famous Grand Canyon Skywalk has to be one of life’s most exciting experiences Imagine standing several hundred feet high in that magnificent landscape with nothing between you and it but air and glass.

    Chinese selfie fans must be excited about a new development that will save them the trouble of going all the way to the United States because China is about to get its own skywalk in Chongqing.

    On Feb. 11, the final piece of glass was successfully placed into position, meaning the world’s No.1 cantilevered glass bridge has officially been completed, according to qq news.

    This new transparent skywalk is located in the scenic region of Longgang in Yunyang.

    The horseshoe-shaped bridge was built on top of a steep cliff, and is about 2,355 feet above ground, making it much higher than its U.S. counterpart. Also the cantilevered part of the structure is 16 feet longer than the Grand Canyon Skywalk,

    so tourists who don’t suffer from vertigo can enjoy a longer walk up in the air!


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