Appearances Can Be Deceiving: This ‘Magical Uncle’ Will Surprise You

A young guy and two old men were shooting hoops at an arcade basketball machine in Taiwan… Guess who got the highest score? Well, it’s not who you’d expect!

This clip was filmed in Luchou Distinct, New Taipei City. The old man on the left takes arcade basketball to the next level so casually.

The video went viral due to the unexpected result. Even foreign websites are reporting on it, and sharing it.

Bloggers nicknamed the three respectively as “magical uncle,” a “young guy who doesn’t know how to play basketball,” and “imitative uncle.”

One commented: “The young man’s playing skills actually aren’t bad. But when compared to the uncle’s… Well, the ‘magical uncle’ totally showed him up.”

The man looks so confident even when he leaves. Have you ever witnessed surprising abilities like this?

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