Baby Panda Triplets Celebrate Their First Ever Chinese New Year

One of the cubs tries to grab the Spring Couplets. (Image:
One of the cubs tries to grab the Spring Couplets. (Image:

If every panda is an adorable star in the eyes of fans, then the miraculous survival of the panda triplets just made these three little fellows superstars in the “panda business.”

Every cute move the trio make touches their fans’ hearts. So the “paparazzi” visited the triplets on Feb. 18, the eve of Chinese New Year for 2015, the Year of the Goat.

“Kuku” (Cool), “Shuaishuai” (Handsome), and “Mengmeng” (Cute) welcomed their first ever Chinese New Year at Changlong Wildlife Center in Guangzhou.

To celebrate, staff at the center prepared a special cabin for the panda triplets.

The walls were painted with green bamboo, so the cubs could play as if they were in the bamboo forest like their ancestors.


Toy goats became the triplets’ new friends for the Year of the Goat!


Looks like they’re having a fun time together with their goaty friends.


The red goats were a big hit with the little bears.

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