How Many iPhones Were Killed During This ‘Red Envelope Shake’? (Funny GIFs)

Social media platform WeChat launched an event called the "Red Envelope Shake". (Image:
Social media platform WeChat launched an event called the "Red Envelope Shake". (Image:

Chinese New Year’s Eve is meant to be a happy time for Chinese families, full of laughter and chats. This is the night when children get a red envelope from their elders wishing them “fortune and happiness for the coming year.”

But the start to the 2015 Lunar New Year turned out to be a disaster for cellphones in China. In fact, many devices tragically ended their young lives that night. So how did this happen?

The popular phone app “WeChat” launched a New Year game called the “Red Envelope Shake” to distribute money for lucky users. Many big Chinese companies sponsored the program, bringing the gift money to around 500 million yuan (about $80 million).

The way to win the money is quite straightforward: just click the red envelope icon in WeChat, and shake, shake, shake! At its peak, the “Red Envelope Shake” game reached 810 million shakes per minute, according to Sina News.

Some people did get a red envelope with a cash prize, but many people shook their phones too hard to win a red envelope, and ended up breaking their cellphones in different ways.

People were shaking their phones like this…

He is completely into it. (Image:

He’s completely into it!? (Image:


Or like this…

Shaking multiple phones at the same time to increase the probability of winning the red envelope. (Image:

Shaking multiple phones to increase the chance of winning a red envelope. (Image:


Some even set up special devices like this:

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A special shaking machine. (Image:


And this sieve:


4 iPhones and a tablet get shaken up in a sieve. (Image:


So did they win? Well a few lucky ones did, but…

A blogger shared the photo of his broken Iphone for "Red Envelope Shake". (

A blogger shared this photo of his broken iPhone after the “Red Envelope Shake.” (Image:


One guy shook his cellphone so hard that the poor phone went flying out of his hand, and smashed the TV screen…

The blogger shared the photo of the broken TV screen. (Image:

TV screen cracked by a flying iPhone. (Image:


Our condolences to the cellphones that died during the red envelope shaking. What a bad start to the year for them!


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