15 Unintentionally Amusing Knockoffs That Were Made in China (Photos)

Super Batman! (Image: Secret China)
Super Batman! (Image: Secret China)

We all know that goods produced in China are seriously cheap, and often there are human rights abuses involved.

But these ones have a funny side to them because they’re so not what they’re trying to be.

Well, I suppose it’s one way to avoid copyright infringement.

I guess as long as they get sold in China then no one would realize they’re being conned, but I’m sure most Western kids would be seriously disappointed if you bought them one of these.

Welcome to the world of cheap, terrible, and extremely funny Chinese bootlegs…


Um, I guess ‘Avatar’ sounds similar, but that’s not the right comic

(Image: Secret China)

Avatar meets Batman in the Avengers? (Image: Secret China)


Classic… Robert Cop and Special Man

(Image: Secret China)

Robocop and Superman gone wrong! (Image: Secret China)


Batgirl having a bad hair (and outfit) day?

Google Translate fail?!? (Image: Secret China)

Google Translate fail?!? (Image: Secret China)


Getting some great mileage out of the Bat!


Batman on a skateboard = Super Bat? (Image: Secret China)


Finally nailed it

Wrong again! (Image: Secret China)

Superman, I mean Batman. (Image: Secret China)


Homermon… D’oh!

Homer Simpson meets Pokemon - great idea! (Image: Secret China)

Homer Simpson meets Pokemon – great idea! (Image: Secret China)



Creepy! (Image: Secret China)

Xiao Pooh Bear… Winnie’s evil cousin? (Image: Secret China)


Reach for the Sky?

(Image: Secret China)

Toy Story 3 becomes Space Boys 3. (Image: gamme.com.tw)



Buzz Lightyear... from Toy Special?! (Image: gamme.com.tw)

Buzz Lightyear… from Toy Special?! (Image: gamme.com.tw)


This is just wrong…


Super Mario meets Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. (Image: Secret China)


Is that you, Bob?


Wannabe Sponge Bob Squarepants. (Image: Secret China)


Nice try


X-box bootleg. (Image: Secret China)


Wrong again

(Image: Secret China)

Playstation knockoff. (Image: Secret China)


And again!

Nintendo Wi ripoff. (Image: gamme.com.tw)

Nintendo Wi ripoff. (Image: gamme.com.tw)


Ha, is this the adult version?

Gameboy ripoff. (Image: gamme.com.tw)

Gameboy bootleg. (Image: gamme.com.tw)


And if you enjoyed that, you can see more funny fails from China here.

Research by Lulu


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