What Your Nails Are Telling the World About You

Self-expression is a part of finding and connecting with a healthy identity. (Image: (flickr_Music of the sun_cc))
Self-expression is a part of finding and connecting with a healthy identity. (Image: (flickr_Music of the sun_cc))

Like the clothes you choose to wear, your nails are another fashion accessory used to express your identity. The colors you choose to paint your fingernails tell a lot about the kind of person you are, your mood on a specific occasion, and the message you want to assert to others.

Let your nail polish do the talking…

  •  Clear: Ahhhh! A breath of fresh air. There is a natural beauty before me! You are a woman who is not afraid of being herself; confident, genuine, and not afraid working hard to achieve your goals.
Natural nails (flickr_Idhren_cc)

Natural nails. (Image: flickr_Idhren_cc)

  • Red: You hold your head high and people notice you!  You emulate a Marilyn Monroe class and style. You mean what you say, you are direct, but not brash. You attract new friends and romance.
red nails, always a classic. (flickr_Idhren_cc)

Red nails, always a classic. (Image: flickr_Idhren_cc)

  • Burgundy/dark red: Oh-la-la, enter the trendy fashionista! You are timelessly classy, with depth of character. You want to be recognized for the woman you are.
Classy, trendy burgundy nails (googleimages_silvermoonlight217_cc)

Classy, trendy burgundy nails. (Image: googleimages_silvermoonlight217_cc)

  • Blue: “Take me to the moon and back!” is what people will be thinking. You are out of the box, left of center, but excitement and mystery abound. You never shy away from adventure.
  • Hot pink: The chic-chic! You are bold, feminine, strong willed, and stand out in the crowd. Your nails are a statement that you celebrate who you are, and are moving in a positive direction.
  • Light pink: Always lovely. You are in touch with, and not afraid to reveal, your soft and feminine side. Taking care of your well-being is a priority.
  • Green: The riskiest color in the nail world. This color expresses integrity, uniqueness of spirit, and true, stand-alone individuality. It says: “I’m on a journey, I am traveling through life and learning to be myself.” This gal has lots of stories to share.
  • Purple: A creative, artistic and colorful person is what you reflect. This color echos a sense of spirituality, vivid imagination, with a heart for the arts.
Purple is known as a spiritual color (flickr_k is for kristina_cc)

Purple is known as a spiritual color. (Image: flickr_k is for kristina_cc)

  • Brown: A grounded, down to earth type, with considered style. This color is popular with the over 35s; it expresses worldliness and maturity. A woman who knows herself well.
  • Black: “I am no shrinking violet!” is what you are hinting. The ultimate “statement” color. There is no getting around the intense drama of black. You are exploring the world of extreme fashion, and want to be the one to make your own rules. Trend-setter.
Statement black nails (123rf_Dadym Zaitsev_cc)

The intense drama of black nails. (Image: 123rf_Dadym Zaitsev_cc)

  • Glitter: You are glamorous, sparkling, and special. Is it your birthday? Whatever the occasion, glitter is for the celebrity-princess of the moment.
  • French polish: “Oui, Madam! ” You are conservative, sophisticated, and love the good life. You know what quality is, and have impeccable, discerning taste. A beautiful bride on your wedding day.
  • Gray: Culture, class, and an education! You reflect an ultra-modern person who is understated and ahead of the times.
  • Orange and yellow: Girls just want to have fun! You are young at heart and filled with optimism. You want to be where the festivities are. You are groovy, hip, and love to dance.
  • Gold: The Diva. You see yourself as royalty. Confidence and leadership are your strongest qualities. Not a color that just anyone can pull off.
The 'Diva' in gold (flickr_Lele Breveglieri_cc)

The ‘Diva’ in gold. (Image: flickr_Lele Breveglieri_cc)

  • Pattern: “Hello world!” is what you’re yelling from the roof tops. You’re a fun and dynamic person who is living life to the full. Your nails are a tool in building strong social networks, as you use them as a conversation starter. You are a people-person, climbing the ladder of opportunity.
Pattern nails, a conversation starter (flickr_borispumps_cc)

Pattern nails, a conversation starter. (Image: flickr_borispumps_cc)

Different colors: Childlike, whimsical, and poetic is your nature. You are embracing life with graceful naivety, and have no fears.

Different colors express a childlike and whimsical mood (flickr_Alexandra E Rust_cc)

Different colors express a childlike and whimsical mood. (Image: flickr_Alexandra E Rust_cc)

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