See A Young Basketball Team Leave Their Opponents With an Experience They’ll Never Forget

The Gainesville Tornadoes walked into a game to something they would never expect. As soon as they walked onto their opponents court, they felt nothing but love, from the other team. It was the first time they saw their own cheerleaders and their own fans, all put in place by those they were playing against.

Everybody’s on the same side of this basketball game.

All the players of the Gainesville Tornadoes come out of a juvenile prison for felony offenders. They get to leave the prison and go play basketball for good behavior, but usually, no one comes to see them play. Not even family members. But this time, two student players at Vanguard College Prep in Waco, Texas, would have none of it, and filled that gym with love.

This isn’t the first time something like this had happened to the boys in Gainesville State School, a maximum security juvenile correction facility. There is a well known incident in 2008 in which an earlier football rival treated the Gainesville team to all the love inherent in humanity. Considering how competitive sports can make people, how great it is to see such compassion. On both occasions, the whole school came out in support of the other team. They truly realize it’s more than about winning, but about life beyond the game, and what you can offer others.

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