Fish Man: Living Life Through a Notebook, 10 Minutes at a Time (Photos)

    Chen with his foster mother. They make a living through recycling trash. (Image: Liberty Times)This notebook has acted as Chen's Before the car accident happened, Chen was a cheerful boy. (Image: Liberty Times)Chen records every little detail of his life in the notebook. (Image: Liberty Times)Chen has collected some discarded toys while working, and keeps them in his room. (Image: Liberty Times)

    Do you think you would you feel afraid and anxious if you only had a 10-minute memory like a fish?

    A 25-year-old man called Chen Hongzhi, from Hsinchu County in Taiwan, is recording his “10-minute life” in a notebook.

    In the first year of high school, Chen was in a serious car crash that damaged his brain. After the accident, he could only remember what happened within the last 10 minutes. His IQ dropped to the level a primary school student, according to the news of ETtoday.

    Chen is no longer able to study or work like a normal person. However, he never complains about life.

    He knows that he forgets stuff, so he keeps a record of everything in his daily life in the notebook, and has to re-read it all the time. That book acts as his “life database.”

    This notebook has acted as Chen's "Life Database" for over four years. (Image: Liberty Times)

    This notebook has acted as Chen’s “Life Database” for over four years. (Image: Liberty Times)

    Chen’s family live in the mountains, but his foster father died recently.

    To support himself and his 60-year-old mother, Chen usually walks two miles to downtown Hsinchu, picking up some waste and scraps and sell them to the supermarket to make money.

    Sometimes he had to work for half a year in exchange for only $50, but they feel satisfied with their life.

    Chen said:

    The absence of effort only keeps things at zero.

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