These Makeovers Might Change the Way You See Things

How often do you let appearances influence how you think about other people?

It’s easy be influenced by notions, and pigeonhole everything, but are your perceptions real? Let’s take a look at these homeless makeovers.

The team behind this clip approached people outside the Union Rescue Mission, and offered them a shower, a free haircut, and clean clothes.

This video was uploaded to YouTube at the start of the year, and has since been watched almost 2 million times.

Its aim is to ask what the difference is between them and us, and encourage the viewers to visit the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions’ website to find out how can you help in your local area.

The beautiful music is from The Same Way—Adele Sampled Emotional Hip Hop Instrumental {Rap} by Empty Beatz.

So what is the difference between you and them?


A street in Los Angeles. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Here are some comments from some of the viewers:

  • The results are stunning, reflecting the inner essence of our homeless: they are humans no different than you and me.—Young-Mi Lee
  • The difference between you and the homeless isn’t as great as it may seem.—Michael Meehan
  • You’re fighting the small fights by fighting the symptoms and totally forget to actually fight the reasons for the huge and growing gap between poor and rich in the United States.—m451
  • I feel sorry for homeless people. I don’t know how many of them choose to live like that because of some disappointment or just bad luck in their life and how many of them just dont have a choice?—Alex Black

After the makeover. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Don’t let our differences define us.

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