Anthony Davis Gives Historic Performance in Terrific Loss to Nuggets

You can’t say he didn’t try. He really really tried. His 36 points, 14 rebounds, 9 blocks, and 7 assists bordered on a quadruple-double. The only player in recent times to come close to that output was NBA hall of famer David Robinson, twice.

Anthony Davis is the new David Robinson.

With these types of numbers, how did the Pelicans still manage to fumble the win? It turns out that no matter how good of a game you’re having, fatigue can shut the best player down as a game winds on and on, and eventually into double-overtime.

Anthony Davis took his team into his hands and did it for a full 4 quarters and an overtime. But come the 2nd overtime, the Nuggets managed to break away. According to the Denver Nuggets Kenneth Faried, who battled Davis the whole night, the endurance built up playing in the high Denver altitude made the difference in the end.

So besides doing the best David Robinson impression ever, Davis played with the urgency of a man about to miss the playoffs. The Pelicans are in a battle with the Oklahoma City Thunder for the last playoff spot in the West. If they can just edge out OKC for that last spot, Davis can get the playoff experience he needs to enter next season strong.


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