This Award-Winning Animated Short Shows How Love Affects Our World

What about those relationships that leave people upside down where they never regain their footing? Is this the literal expression of that?

I believe so. But director Timothy Reckart can tell you better. I’d say he makes art more than he wrecks it. He’s picked up a bunch of awards for Head Over Heels since its release in 2012. The film was even nominated for an Oscar in 2013. The short was actually his graduation project from the National Film and Television School.

If puppets can resolve a prickly relationship, we can too.

We all know people like this. They might as well be in different worlds. They are in the same house, dependent on each other, but can’t have any normal communication.

It’s a sad state to be in. Can’t say it’s too far removed from what I’ve seen my parents go through. We all might know a couple like this.

But I like the final resolution to it all. There comes that ounce of sympathy that leads to understanding. I wish real life relationships could resolve as such. I’m just waiting for him to float down there and walk side by side with her. Or is it more like this kind of situation:

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