Russian Troops to Travel Across the Globe in Just 7 Hours

Will Russia's concept supersonic PAK TA transport plane ever get off the ground? (Screenshot/Vimeo)
Will Russia's concept supersonic PAK TA transport plane ever get off the ground? (Screenshot/Vimeo)

The Kremlin is now trying to wow us all with its new gigantic supersonic cargo plane. They’re calling it the PAK TA.

Russia’s Military-Industrial Commission has come up with the concept of this supasonic transport. It is to be used for transporting Russian troops and tanks at supersonic speeds anywhere across the globe in just 7 hours.

PAK TA plane Image: Screenshot/Vimeo

Artist’s concept of the Russian supersonic PAK TA transport. (Screenshot/Vimeo)


Russia’s state-owned network RT has reported that the PAK TA program envisages 80 new cargo aircraft to be built by 2024. This means in a decade, Russia’s Central Command will be able to place a battle-ready armored army anywhere.

The concept for the PAK TA transport plane is highly improbable.

Inside the plane, Russia wants to fit at least seven T-14 Armata Main Battle Tanks, which are still in development, inside, and then fly supersonic speeds of over 1200 mph to destinations up to 4000 miles away. No transporter currently can travel at that speed and these speeds are surpassed only by fighter jets.

PAK TA plane Image: Screenshot/Vimeo

Will the PAK TA ever become a reality?. (Screenshot/Vimeo)

America’s F-22 Raptor fighter’s top speed is about 1500 mph, while the C-5M Super Galaxy, the largest military transport plane America has, has a top speed of about 518 mph.

With the PAK TA’s planned 200-ton capacity, it will carry one or two more tanks than the Super Galaxy. With its fleet of 80 PAK TA’s, Russia’s military will be capable of lifting at least 400 tanks to anywhere in the world with a runway that can accommodate 80 of these huge planes.

For me I think it is just the usual posturing that all big countries do. But if I’m wrong… it is a little concerning.

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