8 Ancient Villages That Will Give You a Glimpse of Traditional China

     Xidi village is a World Heritage site in southern Anhui. Over 300 houses built in the Ming and Qing Dynasty are still standing. It is on the way to the famous Mount Huangshan. (Image: Kong Guyoulan)Tachun Village is in a World Heritage area. Most of the houses face the lake with a mountain behind it. Some of the trees are hundreds of years old, and huge and weathered. (Image: Kong Guyoulan) Sanhe County is unique for its water villages. It is located where three rivers merge, and has eight features: rivers, ancient bridges, temples, streets , ancient houses, teahouses, and battle fields. (Image: Kong Guyoulan)Hong Village is located south-west of Mount Huangshan. The whole village covers about 30 acres of land. It is said to be the “most beautiful village like in Chinese paintings.Nanping is located in southern Anhui, and is named after Nanping Mountain. Its history is thousands of years old, and it is the largest historic village in this area. It has more than 300 Ming and Qing Dynasty buildings, and is famous as a filming site for 'Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger.' (Image: Kong Guyoulan)Caji is nestled in the hills to the north of Mount Huangshan, and is one of the largest ancient residential villages. There are many Ming and Qing houses on both side of Caji River, and two other rivers pass through here. (Image: Kong Guyoulan)The village of Chengkan is a great place to see distinctive Ming Dynasty architecture. Not only is the 1,800-year-old town incredibly well-preserved, but it also a showcase for impressive artisan work in the structures themselves. (Image: Kong Guyoulan)Yuliang Village was built in the Tang Dynasty, and now has a population of 1,770. It is not far from Mount Huangshan, and is famous  for its 2,200-year-old water route. With its good transportation by water and by land, it is a wealthy area and worth visiting to see its ancient relics and houses. (Image: Kong Guyoulan)

    Anhui Province has many rivers and mountains, including the famous Mount Huangshan. There are some ancient villages there too, like pearls still virtually undiscovered by tourists.

    Take the famous village of Chengkan for example. Its UNESCO World Heritage Site status is well-deserved, and it’s a perfect place to see distinctive Ming Dynasty architecture. Not only is the 1,800-year-old town incredibly well-preserved, but it’s also a showcase for impressive artisan work built into the town’s structure. 

    Chengkan Village is also a perfect representation of Anhui architecture. The ancient buildings feature elegant pavilions, houses, bridges, wells, and ancestral temples.

    Moreover, there are exquisite carvings made of stone, brick, and wood on each house.

    The special layout of the residences, and the presence of the Longxi River are believed to bring vitality and fortune to the whole village, with the well being passed down from generation to generation.

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