Next Donnie Yen Film ‘Kung Fu Jungle’ Set to Hit Hard in U.S. Release

51-year-old Donnie Yen holds the title as Hong Kong’s action hero. 7 years ago, Yip Man was just about the peak of his career, and I can’t see him making another movie to outdo that one.

Donnie Yen back in fierce, bone cracking form.

Kung Fu Killer, also known as Kung Fu Jungle, depending on what region you’re in, is set for release across the globe this year. The movie opened in Asia last fall, and racked up the awards.

In the movie, Yen plays a martial arts instructor imprisoned for accidentally killing a man. He’s offered freedom in exchange for capturing a killer who is targeting martial arts masters. His release from prison is the real start of his problems.

Of all the films Donnie Yen has acted in, I quite prefer the ones based on history. In those, you know you’ll see some classic kung fu action. Otherwise it’s more of an action movie with him doing a lot of stunts, Jiu Jistu, and MMA type stuff.

This looks like he’ll be going more with kung fu, but in a modern city setting. So it’s a modern kung fu tale. It could work. But I don’t know about that leg snapping scene right in the trailer. Pretty gross!

Donnie Yen and Jet Li are both in their 50s. Not sure how many more high paced action films they can still make. They’ve been giants in the martial arts film realm for years. Who is going to be the next Hong Kong action star?

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