Try the World’s Purest Organic Bamboo Tonic and Cream

The bamboo forest in Wuyishan, Fujian Province, China. (Image: Christian Gerig)
The bamboo forest in Wuyishan, Fujian Province, China. (Image: Christian Gerig)

Start the day by splashing some traditional values on your face with this new Swiss-Chinese organic “Bamboo Ocean” cream and toner.

Christian Gerig from Organic Bamboo Industries AG produces the tonic and cream each week in St. Gallen, Switzerland, using state-of-the-art technology, and the purest bamboo serum.

(Image: Christian Gerig)

Pure organic bamboo serum. (Image: Christian Gerig)

The ingredients for the serum come from 50 hectares of certified organic magical Wuyishan forest, Fujian Province, China. Gerig himself worked for years, together with Patrick Neuenschwander, to guarantee the purity of their ingredients. They set up an organic bamboo certification standard with international certification authorities like IFOAM.

Leaves are harvested by hand in their protected patch of forest—an “ocean” of millions of intertwined bamboo roots. These leaves are dried using ancient methods, and then extracted and distilled on site using local spring water.

Bamboo is an ancient symbol of beauty in the East.

It was the famous Tang Dynasty (618-907) poet Bai Juyi who described how its deep root denotes resoluteness, its straight stem represents honor, its interior modesty, and its clean exterior exemplifies chastity.

(Image: Marieke Vos)

Harvesting bamboo leaves. (Image: Christian Gerig)

(Image: Marieke Vos)

The leaves are gathered by hand. (Image: Christian Gerig)

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