What Leonardo DiCaprio Can Teach Us About Our Survival

“Now consider this unthinkable and terrifying as it may seem, nearly all life on Earth could go extinct because of man-made climate change.”

That’s how Leonardo DiCaprio, mega-movie star and Earth resident, opens this video about our Earth, this planet that we call home. Because today is Earth Day, I don’t even want to write much here. I really would implore you to just watch this video. Please just watch it, and share it.

Earth Day isn’t about beach and park clean ups or turning off our laptops for 5 minutes, it’s about survival.

Since the video is 10 minutes long I’ll add some high lights here just in case you can’t watch the whole thing.

We have lessons from history, 250 million years ago we experienced what scientists call the Permian mass extinction. Where almost all life on Earth disappeared. After that happened, 95% of all life on the planet was dead.



Many scientists believe that man-made climate change could cause another such catastrophe like the planet has seen before. As Dr. Michael Benton, Professor of Vertebrate Paleontology at the University of Bristol, points out:

“The atmosphere doesn’t care whether the carbon dioxide comes from human activity or from a volcano—it has the same end effect.”

The fossil fuel and human contribution to rising carbon dioxide and warming levels rivals the volcanic eruptions of ancient times which was basically what scientists believe caused periods of mass extinction like the Permian massacre.

The video explains that carbon levels are at their highest point (by far) out of any period that humans have been known to be on earth. (Screenshot/YouTube)

The video explains that carbon levels are at their highest point by far out of any period known on Earth. (Screenshot/YouTube)

I don’t claim to be a scientist or an expert on this matter, but I don’t see this issue as something that should be political or controversial.

Dr. Jason Box, climatologist and a geological surveyor of Denmark and Greenland, explains that the amount of methane being released is essentially going to be something we can’t stop or mitigate the effects of: “That’s a Doomsday scenario that our trajectory is pointing to.”

Scary stuff especially since as the narrator of the video makes clear:

“The big danger about tipping points is you can only recognize them when it is too late to do anything about it”



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