Want to Set Up Your Own Country? This Is How You Can Do It

As a kid, I used to daydream about setting up my own country, which resembled something like a paradise in the Pacific. In my mind’s eye, it was an awesome place.

According to the above video by TestTube, that wasn’t such a flight of fancy after all.

Have you heard of Liberland?

Apparently, Liberland was recently established on a patch of disputed land on the Serbia-Croatia border.

“This area along the west bank of the Danube River is not claimed by Croatia, Serbia, or any other country. It was therefore terra nullius, no man’s land, until Vít Jedlička seized the opportunity and on April 13, 2015 formed a new state in this territory—Liberland,” says Liberland’s website.

There are plans for a constitution, a financial system, and a slogan has already been chosen: “To live and let live.”

They’re also looking for a population, and they’ve listed their requirements for someone to become a Liberland citizen.

On their website, they say they need people who:

  • Have respect for other people and respect the opinions of others, regardless of their race, ethnicity, orientation, or religion
  • Have respect for private ownership, which is untouchable
  • Do not have communist, Nazi, or other extremist past
  • Have not been punished for past criminal offenses

See their video below for more:

All I can say is awesome and, well, let’s see how it goes.

So how can you technically make your own nation?

According to TestTube, creating a new nation is possible, but you need several national building elements to do so. Initially, international recognition isn’t so easy, but if you’re willing to ignore that, there are some things you need, such as a permanent population and a defined territory.

The defined territory is the tricky part because most of the known world is already claimed, which in reality leaves you with few options.

But you could build, or annex, or buy your own island that is at least 200 nautical miles from the nearest claimed territory.

You could “also” invade an existing plot of land and hope you can defend your proclaimed borders, or that no one cares and leaves you alone. Either way, you need to be able to define your borders and have some control over them.

You need to establish a government to look after matters relating to the economy, security, and have a justice system. Then you need to choose what type of political system your country will follow, and then draft up a constitution that gives your country a vision. You also need to have the capacity to form relationships with other nations.

So it doesn’t sound that hard, does it? It’s just the undisputed part that is tricky. Maybe Liberland has gotten around that part, but time will tell.



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