12 Asian Drinks That Everyone Deserves to Know About

There have been several times when I’ve wanted to try new things, but not knowing how they are made or making the effort to ask questions meant I missed out on the chance to expand my tastes.

Here’s an excellent introduction to some new flavors, and I’ve only tried two drinks from this entire list: bubble tea and soy milk.

So thanks to this video, I’ll soon be enjoying some interesting new beverages.

Lets take a look:

  1. Boba — Milk or Fruit Tea with tapioca pearls. I have had this in Chinatown!
  2. Thai iced tea — Orange blossom water, crushed tamarind seeds, spices, sugar, and condensed milk. Don’t know if I would try this…
  3. Chrysanthenum tea — Dried chrysanthemum flowers for a beautiful tea with cooling properties to reduce fever and aid relaxation. I like it already!

    Image: Screenshot/YouTube

    Chrysanthemum tea. (Screenshot/YouTube)

  4. Citron tea with honey — Thinly sliced citrus with honey or sugar; this tea is a herbal remedy for winter illnesses. Remember this one in winter!
  5. Vietnamese iced coffee — We talked about this one in another article.
  6. Vietnamese salty lemonade/lime — Salted pickled limes/lemons, sugar, carbonated water. Maybe I’ll try this one…
  7. Grass jelly — Part of the mint family, you can eat this as a dessert, or make a drink with it. It also has cooling properties.

    Image: Screenshot/YouTube

    Grass jelly. (Screenshot/YouTube)

  8. Soy milk — You make this by soaking dried soy beans in water, sweet or salty is your choice.
  9. Sour Plum Drink — Sour plums, rock sugar, licorice root, hawthorn. Definitely don’t want to try this one!
  10. Beijing yogurt – Good for digestion, this is a fermented milk drink mixed with rice wine and honey or sugar.
  11. Yakult — Pro-biotic fermented milk drink created by Japanese scientists to boost your immune system. I’ve seen this one before…
  12. Ramune — Lemon lime soda (a popular carbonated Japanese drink). I need this one!
Image: Screenshot/YouTube

Ramune. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Some of these drinks are also very healthy, so the next time you get thirsty, try something new… Cheers!

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