Looking at These Gorgeous Photos Is Like Visiting a Mystical Wonderland

Pathway (2014). (Screenshot/mikkolagerstedt.com)
Pathway (2014). (Screenshot/mikkolagerstedt.com)

Sometimes the scenes we see in photographs transport us to a world of fantasy… Is it just about having a decent camera, or does the photographer need a special sensitivity?

Let me introduce Mikko Lagerstedt, a self-taught freelance photographer from Finland. His journey into this art form began while out driving one summer evening, and saw the fog rising from the fields when the sun came out after a rainy day. “I just had to stop and watch this beautiful moment, and then I realized that I wanted to start capturing these kinds of moments,” he writes on his Tumblr.

He also takes inspiration from the past, and the tragic death of his best friend when Mikko was only 20. This painful experience has influenced how he sees his environment, and helps him to create atmospheric photographs.

Working at night adds to the process. “The weather, timing and lunar phases make it difficult to predict a good astrophotography day — that gives it a challenging twist,” he writes. “There is a sense of mystery every time I take a long-exposure, and you can’t know how the picture will turn out. It is one of the key things that inspires me to capture night photographs.”

Whether he takes shots at night or during the day, his landscapes leave you with the impression of a magical, other-worldly realm.

I feel I could lose myself in the depths of these images. There are plenty more on Instagram and Facebook if you want to join me.

You can only perceive beauty with a serene mind.

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