Watch Siska’s Music Video ‘Unconditional Rebel’—It’s Superb

This is Siska’s music video Unconditional Rebel, and it might just be the shortest shoot ever. The video was filmed by French filmmaker Guillaume Panariello at 1000 frames/second with a Phantom flex 4k while the car drove alongside the road to capture the 5 jam-packed seconds of footage in super slow-motion. The car was driven at 30 miles per hour (50 km/h).

Siska Image: Facebook

Siska (Image: Facebook)

This is a real video performance, albeit in slow motion.

The sequence was made driving along in front of 80 extras doing all kinds of crazy things, who were placed along a 90-yard (80-meter) section of road in an industrial area of La Plaine de la Crau in France, a vast expanse of grass, gravel, and pebbles.

Behind the scenes filming of Unconditional Rebel:

The Vimeo description says it is a “living and dreamlike mural,” and it’s totally a music video.

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