This Son Has So Much Love for His Mom With Alzheimer’s

This young man sings a song to his mother, who has Alzheimer's. (Screenshot/YouTube.)
This young man sings a song to his mother, who has Alzheimer's. (Screenshot/YouTube.)

It’s not easy when a family member has Alzheimer’s. It affects the person’s memory, thinking, and behavior.

Symptoms can develop slowly and get worse over time, making day-to-day activities difficult.

Judy Fraley suffers from Alzheimer’s, and before she moved into assisted living, her son made this beautiful video of him singing a song to his mom.

Judy is confused about what’s going on and where she is, and even who her son is, but she loves the song.

Watch Judy’s son sing to her:

Judy’s son, who sang the song in the video, wrote on his YouTube video: “I am a little embarrassed for posting something so personal. I wasn’t expecting all the attention it’s been getting, but the fact that it has touched so many people makes it worthwhile. My Dad and 3 siblings are proud as well. Thank you everyone so much for such kind words. I hope this video promotes awareness of this horrible disease… and encourages people to give their parents a big hug.”

They have a Go Fund Me site to help with the costs of caring for Judy. On the site, they wrote: “Our mother, Judy Fraley, is in the severe/late stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Like many families that have experienced this illness, it was met by ours with confusion, embarrassment, and reluctance to accept its grip on my mom and to receive a diagnosis for many years. If you know anything about Alzheimer’s, you may know that it is progressive, and there is no cure, so there is not much we could have done to slow its progress or change her current condition. However, we are remiss that we could have been more prepared for this moment, because things are really bad for our mom and dad right now.

“More than anything, we would like to thank all of the people around the world who have sent us their good wishes and heartwarming stories. Alzheimer’s disease can make you feel embarrassed and alone, but this outpouring of support has reminded us of the good in the world.”

It’s beautiful to see when children take care of their parents when they get old and sick.

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