Absolutely Cutest Video of Pregnant Mother and Daughter Dancing

This pregnant mom and daughter made the cutest dance video. (Screenshot/YouTube)
This pregnant mom and daughter made the cutest dance video. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Cuteness alert!!! This video of very pregnant Nikki Taylor and her daughter dancing is my favorite video of the year. I watched this with my 2-year-old daughter, and she started dancing and laughing. We have now watched it 5 times, and I am sure we will watch it heaps more.

The little girl, Jaylyn, who is 6 years old, has some seriously awesome dance moves backed with a killer attitude, which just makes you laugh at how adorable she is.

And you know she definitely inherited the attitude and dance moves from her mom.

I have to applaud the mom for dancing while being 8 months pregnant. I definitely couldn’t keep up that long while being pregnant.

Their adorable routine is to the song Watch Me by rapper Silento. I hope they make more dance videos as they are already an Internet sensation, with the video having been seen over 30 million times on Facebook and YouTube.

Watch this cute mother-daughter dance routine:


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