Could Donald Trump’s Straight Talking Take Him to the White House?

Businessman Donald Trump has livened up the Republican candidates running for the U.S. presidency. (Screenshot/YouTube)
Businessman Donald Trump has livened up the Republican candidates running for the U.S. presidency. (Screenshot/YouTube)

The current and the past two U.S. presidents (Clinton, Bush part 2 and Obama) have been colorful in their own ways but they don’t compare to the color provided by billionaire Donald Trump – who could possibly be America’s 45th president.

Now ‘the Donald’ as president is a scenario that many scoff at, but he’s currently leading the race for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination with nearly double the support of his closest rival reports the The Washington Post.

A Washington Post-ABC News poll indicated that Trump had 24 per cent support, while his nearest competitor, Scott Walker, the Governor of Wisconsin, had 13 per cent.

If you need a reminder on how colorful Trump can be, then this 2013 video below will bring you up to speed:

Despite the above, a large part of Trump’s appeal among the Republican base is the belief that he’s outside of politics and is not beholden to vested interests.

Hence, why Trump can say what’s on his mind.

Many potential voters are attracted by the tycoon’s frankness on issues that most politicians dance around, especially regarding illegal immigration.

Trump’s candor can get him into strife though, as seen earlier this week with comments made about fellow Republican Sen. John McCain during an interview. See a report about that below:

But it hasn’t put some of his fans off.

“He’s a no BS kinda guy, he just tells it like it is,” Don Budlong, a Vietnam War veteran told msnbc. “If you’re offended, vote for somebody else.”

As for Trump’s controversial remarks about McCain, Budlong said, they were probably taken out of context.

“I agree with him wholeheartedly. John McCain has done nothing for veterans,” Budlong said. “John McCain drove me away from the Republican Party when he ran in 2008. Trump brought me home.”

Meanwhile Trump’s opponents – some of whom are within the Republican Party – say he is a gift for the Democrats because his antics are grabbing the spotlight.

“I don’t believe his behavior the last few weeks is dignified or worthy of the office he seeks,” said Sen. Marco Rubio fellow 2016 GOP presidential candidate said about Trump on Fox & Friends.

“The president of the United States is not just the top government official. It’s the leader of our people, our nation, it has to be done in a dignified way.”

Needless to say, Trump is a complex character who despite his gaffes is running hard in the direction of the White House, but whether he has enough gas in the tank to get there remains to be seen.

For more on Trump and where he’s come from, watch this background video below:

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