Going Gray? In Some Cases You Can Reverse It

gray hair
This sign of aging comes sooner for some. (Image: Daveynin/Flickr)

Many people know what it is like to watch their hair turn gray. My first white hairs graced my head at the tender age of 14. I spent the next 20 years dying my hair, first will Henna, a natural powder dye, then with commercial chemical dye.

Now, I am well into my mid-30s, and my hair has decidedly turned a pattern of salt, and pepper. I’ve now made the conscious decision to embrace my grays, instead of constantly fighting my natural state — an uphill battle that is never won.

Greys: Nature or nurture?

Recently, I read that premature grays could be the result of underlying health issues, and nutrient deficiencies. I was surprised to hear this, as I’ve always believed it was genetic.

In the scientific journal Cell, a study found that hair turns gray because of cellular stress at the DNA level. There are many things that constantly attack DNA, such as chemicals, ultraviolet light, and radiation. However, for the large part, scientists concluded this kind of stress is largely unavoidable.

Grey hair an look really unique and beautiful. It's a good time to go grey, as younger people are deliberately dying their to achieve this effect. (Image: Sally/flickr)

Gray hair can look really unique, and beautiful. It’s a good time to go gray, as younger people are deliberately dyeing their roots to achieve this effect. (Image: Sally/Flickr)

Besides genetics, and unavoidable damage to DNA, when looking into your overall health, there are three other identified factors that may be linked to your graying hair. They are coeliac disease, pernicious anemia, and endocrine imbalance — leading to a hormone imbalance.

Some lifestyle factors may also hasten your journey into gray-hood, such as smoking since oxidative stress is the result of an overload of free-radicals in toxic cigarette smoke, and a bad diet.

Some good ideas to try

Supplements can reverse graying hair and some include vitamin B12, Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) from folic acid, and copper.

Molasses can reverse gray hair in some people, this is probably because it contains copper, vitamin B12, and iron in a bio-available form.

If your gray hair is the result of a deficiency of vitamin b-12 or a hormone imbalance in the pituitary or thyroid, there is a good chance your hair color will gradually return with treatment.

Premature greys are the result of many varying factors, however genetics is said to play a big role. Maybe one day, we will find a way to stave it off for longer. (Image: TimmyGUNZ/flickr)

Premature grays are the result of many factors, but genetics is said to play a big role. Maybe one day, we will find a way to stave it off for longer. (Image: TimmyGUNZ/Flickr)

You can also look into some traditional remedies from Ayruvedic medicine or Chinese medicine, through using herbs, and acupuncture. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “hair is the surplice of the blood,” and graying hair is a reflection of a deficiency of qi, and blood.

The body is very complex, and overall health is the result of millions of simultaneous systems working harmoniously together. You can try to do all that by looking into different treatments, such as home remedies, diets, and supplements — but if your hair color does not reverse, don’t dwell on it, and waste your time.

 You have two choices: Embrace your grays, or dye it!

A proud and happy woman embracing her silvery hair. (Image: agnesti0/pixabay)

A proud and happy woman embracing her silvery hair. (Image: agnesti0/Pixabay)

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