This Chinese Couple Lives Together, but Talk via Social Media Everyday

man reads from the phone in the dark
A blogger divulges that he and his wife say goodnight to each other through smart phone every night. (Image: via Compfight cc)

By the end of 2015 it was estimated that smartphone users in China will make up two-thirds of the country’s mobile connections — that’s 913 million of the estimated 1.3 billion mobile connections, writes Business Insider.

Many Chinese people only communicate through their smartphones, with one Chinese blogger commenting that despite sleeping in the same bed every night with his wife, they say goodnight to each other via Weibo, which is the “Chinese Twitter.”

According to Sina, the blogger, Mr. Xue, says that he has a good relationship with his wife since they were married. However, since they started using smartphones, their life pattern has changed. Now, before going to sleep, they both play with their iphones.

Though Xue and his wife lie with each other in bed every night, they immerse themselves in their own cyber world, and would only post “G’night” on each other’s Weibo page before falling asleep.

The couple tried to quit their addiction to social media and smartphones, but picked up the habit again.

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Translated by Cecilia Kwan

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