Batman v Superman ‘Dawn of Justice’: The Critics Spoke, But No One Listened

Despite being ravaged by movie critics, the superhero epic Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice nabbed a staggering $424 million worldwide during its opening weekend.

Audiences in North America actually gave the film a pretty good “B” CinemaScore grade; better than its 30 percent rating on the review aggregation website, Rotten Tomatoes.

A disconnect between reviews and the commercial success of a movie is not unusual. Films such as the Transformers and Twilight franchises brought in more than $7 billion globally, despite generally poor reviews.

Still, something strange happened with this film; the more scorn and derision professional reviewers poured on the movie, the more audiences were determined to see it.

So what’s the real story here?

The critics did their job, and most delivered an analysis that was sincere and concise. Still, the audience is the ultimate decider. In this case, hardcore fans came regardless of the negative reviews.

The general audience approached the file with reservations, but also had an obvious need to see established, beloved characters onscreen, and to make their own assessment.

Besides, anyone invested in either the comic-book universe or mainstream cinema will be out of the loop on social media if they did not see the film, and to not see it on the first weekend means that they are at great risk of spoilers.

In the battle of fans vs. critics, the fans got the movie that they wanted while the critics basked in the attention.

To be continued…

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