8 Talks Between a Father and Son That Will Make You Think

(Image: Weixin)
(Image: Weixin)

The relationship between a father and son is very important. While mothers can teach their sons to be kind and gentle, the father’s role is to teach their son to be strong and wise.

These eight conversations between a father and son show how a wise father can lead his son in the right direction.

“Dad, some classmates say parents should pay children to do household work.” 

“What do you think?”

“I don’t know. It sounds logical…”

“Naturally, labor should be rewarded. However, household work is the responsibility of all family members. No condition should be attached when duties are involved. There are other ways to earn pocket money. Parents’ love should never be taken advantage of. That is self-improvement.”

“Dad, why don’t people wait for the green light?”

“They may be in a hurry.”

“We are in a hurry to school too. Why are we waiting for the green light then?”

“Let me ask you. Traffic rules say stop at red and walk on green, don’t they?”


“To persist on doing what is right and refrain from doing what is wrong is what dignity is all about.”

“Dad, it is warm today. Why do we still wear thick clothes?”

“Spring has only just arrived. The weather is still unpredictable. The temperature can differ tremendously between day and night.”

“Why do some people wear summer clothes when it has just started warming up?”

“Everyone has his own reasons. But we have to know when to wear what, so as to dress wisely to protect our bodies. That is called self-love.”

(Image: Weixin)

(Image: Weixin)

“Dad, do you think I will have a bright future?”


“Because I don’t think I do well in school…”

“School work is only one of many ways to assess someone. Schooling is a means to acquire knowledge, but it’s not the only way. Good grades at school don’t tell much about the person. As long as you are happy, your life is wonderful. All you need is self-confidence.

“Dad, is dog man’s best friend?”

“When do you see someone treating a friend like that?”

“How come people say that then?”

“It’s because a dog trusts its master whole-heartedly. It’s hard to do between men. Isn’t that pathetic?!”

“Why pathetic?”

“People lack so much trust between them!”

(Image: Weixin)

(Image: Weixin)

“Dad, why were the people next to our table so noisy just now?”

“They were happy, I guess.”

“Then why did we have to keep our voice down?”

“We cannot just think of ourselves all the time. We have to consider others. While we cannot always make requests of others, we can place demands on ourselves. That is self-discipline.”

“Dad, is it true that the more money one has, the more important one is?”

“It depends.”

“Why do so many people admire rich people then?”

“One’s greatness is not measured by his wealth, but by how much he does for others or how many people lives he has a good impact on. A poet is a great one when his poems move us. A writer is a great one when his stories or articles affect us. A businessman is a great one when he creates jobs for others or donates to charities.”

“But I feel that a lot of people are crazy about money.”

“Of course money can satisfy wants. Nevertheless, it tends to be that the more one is after money, the more selfish one gets. We cannot evaluate someone merely by his bank balance, but we come to know him by his thirst for it. This is how we know his value.”

“Dad, is learning important?”

“Of course. Why do you ask?”

“My classmates say learning well can get us into college which allows us to get a good job and earn big money. But don’t you say money is not the only purpose in life?”

“Of course it isn’t.”

“Why do we study then?”

“To study is to acquire and increase knowledge which is the basis for independent and critical thinking. To be able to think allows you to analyse and solve problems. To learn well is also for the sake of the human culture — to pass on knowledge to future generations.”

(Image: Weixin)

(Image: Weixin)

Researched by Mona Song, and edited by Kathy McWilliams

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