6 Bulldozers Go to War on the Streets of China

When construction companies fall on hard times in China, what do you think they do? Well, they have a fight — but they use bulldozers to sort the men from the boys.

In the northern Chinese city of Hebei, a fight between competing construction crews escalated into a bulldozer fight. Because the construction industry in China has been experiencing extremely low growth for the past few years, tensions have been boiling between builders.

What resulted was a battle much like what you would expect in a Transformers movie. Although no-one was hurt, at least two bulldozers were knocked over in the street. In the video there are several bulldozers seen ramming each other while cars can be seen away speeding away from the cloud of dust.

A local government spokesman in Hebei province’s Xingtang county said:

The driver of one bulldozer can be seen running over to another after he was toppled over. The bulldozer, which is also known as a wheel loader, lay on its side while another tried to tip it back up onto its wheels.

In China, real estate construction represents close to a quarter of its economy, making it far higher than other major countries. So when there is a slowdown, it sends ripples throughout the industrial sectors, which then in turn causes huge layoffs.

One has to ask if destroying your own equipment during a slowdown is such a wise idea. With that said, enjoy the awesome battle!

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