When Disciplining Goes Very Wrong: 7-Year-Old Boy Lost in Japanese Wilderness

Parenting isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Disciplining children is one of the most challenging tasks a parent can face. Just recently some Japanese parents made their 7-year-old boy get out of the car as a punishment and left him alone in a forested area of Hokkaido, Japan’s most northern island. That was Saturday.

Now it is Tuesday and the child, Yamato Tano-oka, remains missing.

Over a hundred rescue workers are still searching for him.

Parents admit how boy was lost

Yamato’s parents first told the authorities that he went missing while they were picking wild vegetables. However, just a few hours later they changed their initial story. The boy’s father, Takayuki Tano-oka, admitted they had made Yamato get out of the car because they wanted to discipline him.

Apparently the boy had thrown stones at cars while playing.

Five minutes later the parents went back to where they left him, but he was no longer there.

According to online media, police are determining whether the parents could be charged with child neglect.

Hopes that Yamato will be found soon are still strong. Unfortunately, some also fear that the boy might have encountered a bear, which would not be uncommon for the mountainous area of Nanae where he is lost.

“Not many people or cars pass by, and it gets totally dark as there are no lights,” said Mitsuru Wakayama, a spokesman for the town of Nanae, close to where Yamato went missing.

“It’s not surprising to encounter bears anywhere in the area,” he said according to The Guardian.

Many people have reacted to this tragic incident, posting their concerns and criticisms on social media.

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