Giant Gummy Worms Are the New Worrying Food Trend

This father and son team unpacks a giant gummy worm for the first time, only so that they can eat it in every way possible. Kids love gummy bears and gummy worms, but probably not this much. Any kid who loves gummy candies this much is either a super heavyweight, or he will soon be one.

The gummy worm is just about three pounds and comes in a variety of flavors. It could crush any regular gummy worm. It’s 125 times bigger with 125 times the amount of sugar. Eating a whole one in one sitting is not advisable, but chopping it up to share with friends could be a good way to watch a football game together.

Ryan and has dad have fun reviewing toys, and this time they review toy-like food. At some point, they’ll have to try out that five pound gummy bear that Ryan pulls out at the end. It’s not clear how much the trend of giant gummy candy will last, as you can find more and more videos on YouTube of people trying to eat such super-size treats. The only thing that could save these things from extinction by next year is if someone makes an organic, sugar-free version.

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