Stephen Curry Is First a Father, Husband, and a Family Man Before He Is a Basketball Champ

Stephen might possibly lead the Warriors to their second championship in two years, just as he has won the NBA MVP award for the past two consecutive years. He is cementing his status as a legendary shooter in the NBA at only 28 years of age.

But beyond all the basketball accolades, Curry returns home after games for parenthood duties. He works as a team with his wife Ayesha. Together, they raise their two daughters Riley and Ryan in California.

But when does a busy NBA player like Steph even have time for family? A player of his caliber rarely gets a break. He’s busy when other players are resting up, like those who don’t make the All-Star game, or who lose early in the post season. The busy basketball schedule could be the reason Curry recently opted out of representing the U.S. at the 2016 Olympics.

When Stephen is on the basketball court, Ayesha is out taking care of business at her new pop-up restaurant, International Smoke. If you want to sample an international collection of barbecue foods after the Warriors game, head over to San Francisco and see what Ayesha has put together with her associates from the Mina Test Kitchen.

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