Plane Lands Safely After Hailstones Crack Windshield

Poor weather conditions can play a primary role in some air accidents. However, many well-trained pilots can manage to keep calm, in spite of the distraction of low visibility, and steer the aircraft safely through hail and rain. Here is an example that recently happened in China.

On July 9, 2016, China Southern Airline’s flight CZ3483 departed from Guangzhou City, heading to of Chengdu City . On its way, the airplane was hit by powerful hailstones.

(Image: 19,129,536 views via Screenshot/YouTube)

The paint of the radome surface was stripped and damaged. (Image: 19,129,536 views via Screenshot/YouTube)

(Image: 19,129,536 views via Screenshot/YouTube)

The windshield of the cockpit was badly cracked. Being a pilot, you would need excellent abilities to handle emergencies and pressures such as this. (Image: 19,129,536 views via Screenshot/YouTube)

The portholes of the cockpit and the front radar radome were severely damaged by the hailstones. The portholes were cracked badly like a spiderweb, and the radome now looks like the lunar surface.

A passenger on the plane said the atmosphere was really intense in the plane, and for a moment he even thought the plane was about to explode. Luckily, the airplane made it through the heavy hail and landed safely at Chengdu Airport at 7:51 P.M. No injuries were reported, according to Tencent News.

(Image: 19, 129, 536 views via Screenshot/YouTube)

The windshield covered with cracks. (Image: 19, 129, 536 views via Screenshot/YouTube)

External strikes can be dangerous to an airplane. The windshields of an airplane are engineered to withstand hits such as a flying bird hitting the plane. However, the hailstones pounded the windshield, damaging and fracturing it, but it did not break.

Luckily, the plane landed safely due to the professional crew members. It’s not an easy thing for the pilots to keep calm and make the right decision while seeing and hearing the windshield cracking everywhere.

Many Internet users expressed their thanks to the professional crew.

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