Captain America Will Travel Across America for His 75th Birthday

Captain America will get further inscribed in the heart and soul of America when a statue in his likeness is unveiled at San Diego Comic Con later this week. The statue will then come to rest in Cap’s hometown of Brooklyn, New York, where a special screening of Captain America: Civil War awaits fans.

The statue further capitalizes on the new generations of fans that Cap has garnered in the midst of three successful solo Marvel movies.

As Entertainment Weekly reports, Steve Rogers first appeared in comic books 75 years ago to take on the responsibility of becoming America’s No. 1 hero. His super soldier serum inhibits aging, which is why he is still able to kick butt at 75.

In the movies, they make this clear by showing how the people from Cap’s past have aged while he stays youthful and exuberant. He fights world threats like he was born to do it, and he really was.

But the comic book world is more complex, and there is indeed a version of Captain America that has aged, a version that dies, and multiple other people who call themselves Captain America. The movies simplify things a bit, and Chris Evans provides a more unified image of Cap for people to direct their celebrations toward.

That’s why this statue takes after the movie version, where the Captain America suit is less a skintight, formfitting outfit, but more resembles a bulky military special forces uniform, sort of. The fact that they place Cap’s hometown as Brooklyn, rather than the Lower East Side of Manhattan, is another difference.

The differences between the comics can only grow as more Marvel movies get made with Cap in them. The statue itself weighs one ton and stands 13-feet tall. After getting its debut at Comic Con, it will travel across America, with Marvel documenting the journey via social media.

When it settles in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, an outdoor screening of the most recent Cap film will be shown outdoors to fans sitting under the stars. Then it will head to the Barclays Center, Brooklyn’s famed sports arena and concert space, before reaching Sunset Park.

Sunset Park might possibly be the neighborhood in Brooklyn where the movie version of Cap is from, though nobody has stated anything so clearly. Of course, in true comic book fashion, the statue unveiling will be accompanied by a special edition comic book that features the statue in the comic book story.

You can pick up the comic only at Comic Con and other Captain America celebration events, also accompanied by a cover featuring a Captain America highly inspired by Chris Evans’ look. Before everybody gets into a celebratory uproar and starts slinging their replica Cap shield all through the streets in joy, just know that Marvel made a controversial move in the comics by turning Cap evil.

Writers for Captain America: Steve Rogers decided that proving Cap was a Hydra agent all along was the right way to celebrate his big 75th. Making the symbol of the American fight for freedom a member of a secretive international criminal organization with world conquering aims was a deflating experience for many fans.

Despite the weird turn of events for Cap in the comics, Marvel exec Tom Brevoort told Time the logic behind Captain America stories, and why he is such a draw as a character.

“Every single month, whether it’s a run-of-the-mill month for Captain America or an extraordinary month, our job is to put him in situations that place that character under some degree of pressure and see how he reacts to that. And hopefully our readers are surprised, shocked, elated, see something of themselves, learn something about themselves.”

Movie fans can next catch Captain America in the movies tentatively named Avengers: Infinity War — Part 1 and Avengers: Infinity War — Part 2. He could also show up in any of the forthcoming Marvel movies before then, if needed, and Marvel also has some as yet untitled movies that he could feature in.

A fourth Captain America solo film could be among them.

Never one to be ignored, DC Comics will also be rolling out celebrations for Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary, also taking place this year at Comic Con. But DC will unlikely have an answer to Captain America’s statue and its road trip across America.

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