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USPS Whistleblower Harassed By FBI after Exposing Election Fraud

Published: December 15, 2020
On Oct. 21, Jesse Morgan, a postal service subcontractor, drove a truck filled with around 288,000 ballots.
Jesse Morgan admitted to seeing a truck filled with ballots 'disappear.' (Image: YouTube / Screenshot)

In an alleged case of election fraud, on Oct. 21, Jesse Morgan, a postal service subcontractor testifying as a whistleblower, drove a truck filled with around 288,000 ballots. After he dropped the truck at the USPS depot, the vehicle and the ballots inside vanished without a trace. On Dec. 1, Morgan testified about what he saw at a press conference held by the Amistad Project. Since then, the FBI has been making his life difficult.

In an interview with Lou Dobbs, Morgan explains how the FBI has been harassing him. He calls his questioning by the intelligence agencies a joke. “The whole thing from the start to the end… I tried to tell my story and especially the OIG guy, this Special Agent Sturge, they or he calls himself ‘short,’ he at times really was… just going at me, trying to mix up my words and speedballing through to the next question, and I’m like whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Asking questions that weren’t relevant or asking questions that I wouldn’t even know. The very last question he asked was how did I end up on TV and I’m just like, are you serious?” he said in the interview.

On Oct. 21, Jesse Morgan, a postal service subcontractor, drove a truck filled with around 288,000 ballots. Screenshot/ YouTube

Morgan revealed that the FBI had contacted his family. The day after he was interviewed, instead of looking for evidence of fraud, the FBI began harassing his family. They even accused him of being paid by the Republican Party. He also called out the ridiculous response of sending someone from the post office to investigate a crime that was probably committed by the post office.

Intimidation causes alarm

Morgan said that the agencies have tried to intimidate him but he has decided not to back down. He feels that America needs to know the truth. He saw a fraudulent event happen and is going to stick to the truth no matter what. In the Dec. 8 show War Room: Pandemic, Morgan described his interview by the federal agents as an interrogation. “I understand they’re doing their job. But, so, I give them what I saw, what happened to me, what I had done, and what they want to do is instead of — it’s like instead of focusing on the picture, they want to focus over here and try to figure out how I came on TV. It’s really sad, to be honest,” he said on the show.

During the interrogation, the federal agents began mixing up his words. Morgan felt that the agents weren’t actually interested in looking into what exactly happened to the missing truck filled with ballots. The tension has caused Morgan’s marital life to suffer, and he is also afraid that he might lose his job because of the current storm. Morgan points out that he did not vote in the election, but he strongly believes that the people of America deserve an honest election.

A GoFundMe fundraiser set up by Got Freedom Inc. is raising money to support Morgan and another USPS whistleblower, Ethan Pease. With a target of $150,000, the fundraiser has so far succeeded in raising over $41,000 from 795 donors. Morgan’s affidavit was submitted together with a lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania that sought to withdraw the certification of election results in the state.

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