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95: The Number of Days Joe Biden Spent on Vacation During His First Year as President

Neil Campbell
Neil lives in Canada and writes about society and politics.
Published: January 4, 2022
Joe Biden spent 27 percent, or 95 his first 348 days in office as President, on vacation despite numerous crises besetting America.
Then-President Elect Joe Biden and cohort bike with masks through Cape Henlopen State Park on November 14, 2020 in Lewes, Delaware. Biden has spent 95 of 348 of his first days in office on vacation, amounting to 27 percent, despite multiple crises besetting America. (Image: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

U.S. President Joe Biden has spent 95 his first 348 days in office on vacation, amounting to 27 percent of a term beleaguered by major crises plaguing American such as the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, a bungled Afghanistan military withdrawal, skyrocketing inflation, and the migration epidemic plaguing the southern border.

Although the estimate of Biden’s R&R made by National Pulse in Jan. 4 reporting was cited without collaborating evidence, the figure may nonetheless be an understatement.

According to an Oct. 23 report by authoritative source CNN dubbed Biden’s Early-Presidency Getaways So Far Outpace Trump’s, “Including this weekend’s trip to Delaware, Biden has taken 35 personal trips and spent all or part of 108 of his first 276 days in office at one of his Delaware homes or at Camp David in Maryland.”

CNN’s figure actually amounted to 39 percent of his first nine months in power spent away from official duties. The outlet notes the stat “includes partial days, like Friday — when he spent the day at the White House and departed in the evening.”

“Sixty-nine of those 108 days away from Washington were spent at his home in Wilmington, spread over 23 visits; seven days at his Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, beach house over two visits; and 32 days at Camp David over 10 visits.”

One Dec. 4 tweet by former CBS White House correspondent Mark Knoller calculated Biden’s year ending trips to Camp David at 12 for a total of 40 days.

A second tweet on Dec. 27 calculated the President’s number of trips to Rehoboth Beach at 4, with 31 total trips to Delaware.

Knoller’s figures appear to be the same as those published by the New York Post the same day in an article announcing Biden had canceled a scheduled vacation to Puerto Rico because of concerns around the Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

National Pulse’s figure appears to also be sourced from a Jan. 3 tweet from Knoller, which stated, “Biden returning from 8-day stayin [sic] Delaware, split between his homes in Rehoboth Beach and Wilmington. His longest stay in Delaware to date. As Pres, he has spent all or part of 95 days in DE.”

Public-broadcaster-turned-Democrat-mouthpiece NPR published the cleverly-headed Aug. 7 article Dela-Where He’d Rather Be: Come The Weekend, Biden Leaves D.C., which stated the new President, then less than 7 months into his term, “has spent twice as many weekends at his home there as in the White House.”

“Of the first 29 weekends of his presidency, Biden spent just six at the White House. He was in Wilmington, Del., for 14 of those weekends, and Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland, for eight. (He spent one weekend in Europe at the Group of 7 summit.)”

Although Biden’s home state is Delaware, June 3 reporting from USA Today affiliate Delaware Online revealed that now that Biden has ascended the Presidency, his trips to his nearly 4,800 square foot Rehoboth beach house now adversely affect the local community because of his Secret Service detail.

Local Mayor Stan Mills told the paper local residents could now expect “barriers and impediments and longer lines and traffic jams and even areas cordoned off.”

The author explained, “When the president comes, agencies like the Rehoboth Beach Police Department and Delaware State Police support the Secret Service in controlling traffic. These agencies cannot disclose the routes or timing of any delays or closures for security reasons, their representatives said.”

Despite heightened security, 200 members of climate alarmist organization Occupy Biden were nonetheless allowed to camp out “in President Biden’s Delaware neighborhood” all the way from Christmas to New Year’s Day, according to Fox News.

“On Saturday, the final day of the group’s protest, individuals protested on a road near the president’s house while members of the Secret Service were nearby monitoring the group,” read the article.

Fox noted that far-left communist organizations such as the Democratic Socialists of America, Code Pink, and the Working Families Party were co-participants in the orchestrated event.

A member of another party dubbed “the Party for Socialism and Liberation” was paraphrased as telling Fox “the group participated in the protest to call on President Biden to take action on climate issues.”

National Pulse states that despite all the crises in America during Biden’s short stay in the Oval Office, the only time so far the President has cut a trip short was when he was required to attend the Dignified Transfer Ceremony for the 11 U.S. soldiers killed in the Kabul Airport suicide bombing that was associated to ISIS-K, a branch of the Taliban.

Biden was criticized by family members of the fallen soldiers in attendance at the ceremony for what was described as rude and unprofessional personal conduct, including being caught on camera several times looking at his watch, implying he was eager to leave the solemn memorial.

Shortly after the August Afghan debacle as public pressure was mounting, Biden was trolled by an anonymous individual who purchased advertising time on a digital billboard depicting Biden eating ice cream and hiding behind closed blinds. 

The meme appears to have been a reference to multiple photo-ops and establishment media puff pieces showing Joe’s affinity for stopping at ice cream parlors as far back as his time as Vice President during the Obama era.

The slight was also used by Taliban insurgents during mid-August in social media posts that went viral.

Public dissent came as Biden left for Camp David shortly after ordering troops to leave Afghanistan. The President’s vacation was briefly truncated when he returned to the White House for a press conference. However, he returned immediately after without fielding questions from the press gallery.