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International Flipper Pinball Association to Hold the NYS Pinball Championships in Middletown, NY

Published: January 16, 2023
Gamers sample an assortment of pinball machines at the Pittsburgh Gaming Expo at the Monroeville Convention Center on Oct. 2, 2021, outside Pittsburgh, in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. On Jan. 20th and 21st this year the International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) will hold the New York State Pinball Championships in Middletown, New York. (Image: Jeff Swensen/Getty Images)

On Saturday, January the 20th and Sunday the 21st the International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) will be hosting the NY State Pinball Championships at Rock Fantasy, located at 12 East Main Street in Middletown, New York. 

On Saturday the State Championship will be held followed by the Women’s State Championship on Sunday. 

The tournaments begin at 11 a.m. on each day with a single elimination best-of-seven bracket style tournament. A total of 24 players are competing in the state championship, and 16 players are competing in the women’s championship. 

“Seeding is based on state rankings from tournament play in NYS throughout 2022,” Howard Levine, assistant tournament director, told Vision Times via an email. 

This will be the first time ever that the championship will be held in the Hudson Valley and is the first Women’s State Championships in state history.

The state championships move around NYS every year at the discretion of the tournament director committee and are similar to state championships held throughout North America.


The IFPA is a competitive pinball organization that held tournaments from 1992 until 1995 when it became inactive. The organization restructured in 2006 and is now operated by Josh Sharpe. Its first World Pinball Championship was held in 2008.

Winners of this year’s tournaments will receive cash prizes during an awards ceremony shortly following the conclusion of all final rounds. 

First place contestants will also receive the title “IFPA New York State Pinball Champion,” a title that remains in effect until the next annual IFPA State Championship Series, or will expire after two years should the IFPA State Championship Series be discontinued. 

Part of the prize package for each IFPA champion will be free entry into the IFPA North American Pinball Championship. 

The IFPA North American Pinball Championship will be held on Thursday, March 9th, 2023 in DePere, Wisconsin.