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Medical Education Being Supplanted by Leftist Ideological Indoctrination, Says Advocacy Group Chairman

Neil Campbell
Neil lives in Canada and writes about society and politics.
Published: March 17, 2023
Marxist ESG, DIE, and CRT principles are replacing traditional medical education warns a former Associate Dean
A file photo from the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in December of 2020. A doctor and former Associate Dean at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine says that medical education is being replaced with leftist ideological indoctrination. (Image: GABRIELLA AUDI/AFP via Getty Images)

The medical practitioner industry has been inculcated with a coordinated campaign of leftist ideological indoctrination, warns a former University of Pennsylvania Associate Dean and the Chairman of an advocacy group.

From an exclusive published by rightist media outlet Breitbart News on March 17, Breitbart relied on a lecture it viewed that was presented to “around 130 doctors and medical professionals near Richmond, Virginia, who see their profession under threat of racialized care and politically oriented medical decision making” by Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, Chairman of the group Do No Harm and a former Associate Dean at the U of P School of Medicine.

According to Breitbart, Goldfarb told attendees that during his time as Associate Dean, the assimilation to Marxist ideologies such as Critical Race Theory (CRT) were eroding what was previously a school focused on medical training.


Goldfarb described medical education as “on the decline,” lamenting that the change had become to “worry more and more about the social conditions from where patients come.”

The push for adherence to the CRT, Environmental Social and Governance (ESG), and Diversity Inclusion and Equity (DIE) party lines has also become a condition for enrollment.

Goldfarb was paraphrased as stating that not only had doctors been pushed to attend classes on climate change, but there had become a “requirement on many medical school applications that students explain the depth of their support for diversity, equity, and inclusion ideology.”

“If there is a center of Marxism in the United States, it exists in schools of education,” the doctor was directly quoted as stating.

“This movement says that we should treat people differently based on their skin color,” Goldfarb added, referencing a quote from CRT founder and known Marxist Ibram Kendi.

The doctor also claimed that New York and Utah’s medical systems employ an algorithm where “if you were a black patient, you would have three points, and if you were a white patient, you would have zero points.”

Goldfarb told the audience an anecdote where a situation at the Harvard hospital was framed in a context that attending heart failure patients who were black were sent to general medicine while white patients were sent to cardiology.

According to the doctor, the decision of where to admit them was based not on their race, but their medical files. Nonetheless, the Harvard administration decided to start asking black heart failure patients, but not white patients, if they would like to go to general medicine or cardiology.

The growing divisions pushed by the narrative is affecting medical care, Goldfarb told Breitbart in an interview where he was paraphrased as stating, “There are a growing number of black patients requesting black doctors and a growing number of white patients requesting white doctors because neither feels they will be treated fairly while receiving medical care.

Do No Harm describes itself on its website as a “diverse group of physicians, healthcare professionals, medical students, patients, and policymakers” who are “united by a moral mission” to “protect healthcare from a radical, divisive, and discriminatory ideology.”

“We draw attention to the radical ideology of ‘anti-racism’ in healthcare,” the group says on its website. “It is increasingly embedded within medical education and training, medical research, medical practice, and medical public policy, and it’s promoting divisive and discriminatory ideas.”

“This reality is not well-known, so we shine a light on the scale of the problem and offer concrete solutions to fix it,” they added.

Goldfarb’s claims are consistent with publicly available information.

PriceWaterhouseCoopers has an entire portion on its website about how “health organizations can integrate ESG priorities.”

“What’s right for the world is good for business,” the firm claims.

PWC said it analyzed 45 health systems and payers and 32 pharmaceutical and life science companies in coming to the conclusion that “health organizations could reap additional rewards by also embedding more of an environmental and governance focus into their overall strategy.”

“Broader public awareness about sustainability and corporate responsibility means organizations can differentiate themselves by acting early to build ESG strategies that can enhance reputations with customers, employees, investors and analysts,” the sales pitch states. 

PWC characterizes ESG as a “critical driver to capture opportunity and keep ahead of vulnerability.”

In one concrete example, Big Pharma node Johnson & Johnson boasts a section on its website titled ESG Policies & Positions where the company claims to “blend heart, science and ingenuity to profoundly change the trajectory of health for humanity.”

“…how we deliver enduring impact is embedded in our business strategy,” one that involves deploying ESG, which J&J says “frames our ambitions, informs our operations and creates accountability for our vision of the future.”

In a secondary page titled ESG Resources, J&J claims to be “championing global health equity, empowering our employees and advancing environmental health.”

A third section titled Our Race to Health Equity claims the initiative was launched “with the bold ambition that together, we can create a world where the color of your skin is not a determinant of your access to care, quality of care or health outcomes” while invoking DIE to create “a movement to rebuild healthcare from a diverse perspective.”

“Johnson & Johnson aspires to help eradicate racial and social injustice as a public health threat by eliminating health inequities for people of color,” the company said, noting it earmarked $100 million for a five year plan to “invest and promote health equity solutions.”