How Mayday Became Asia’s Most Successful Music Band

In Asia they call them the Chinese Beatles. Before you shake your fist, at how a group from the island of Taiwan could dare claim such majesty, they actually have the fans to back it up. The Asian fans, that is.

The five members of Mayday have been credited with record breaking concerts and tours. In Taiwan, they broke the records for largest concert, first set by Michael Jackson. Recent tour ticket sales have surpassed Madonna’s highly successful MDNA tour.

Mayday’s Nowhere tour began in 2011, and continues into 2014. During the tour, Mayday has already played some of the biggest venues outside of Asia, including London’s Wembley Arena, and a highly emotional performance at New York’s Madison Square Garden.

But can a Taiwanese group which sings in Mandarin Chinese get the international recognition they hope for? Or do you think their international tours will continue to attract primarily Asians living or studying overseas?

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