Ever Since I Ate Dog Meat Stew, My Tongue and I Have Lack of Trust Issues

Dog Meat Stew
Watch our girl try delicious dog meat dishes for the first time. (VICE/YouTube)

Dog meat stew holds a delicious place in the hearts of many southern Chinese.

Many types and styles and ways of cooking food abound. Each region has its own cuisine, and each area has its specialty dishes. In the Yulin region, people have took to a liking to dog meat.

It’s prepared in many ways. It’s eaten and enjoyed with friends and family. Dog meat supports a somewhat legal local economy, and a not-so-legal part of the economy, as well.

Because the appetite for dog is so huge, tens of thousands of dogs (and cats) head to the chopping block each year.

The Dog Meat Festival has gotten a lot of attention recently. It’s the time of year when the craving for dog reaches its climax. Abundant money exchanges hands.

Pounds of dog meat hits woks across southern China.

Izzy Yeung tries dog meat dishes for the first time while making this video. She steps into the kitchen and stirs the pot a bit. She throws in huge globs of dog meat. And she finally gets to try that thing that Chinese people call “fragrant flesh.”

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