Anthony Davis Leads New Orleans Pelicans to Victory in Season Opener

21-year-old Anthony Davis caught 17 rebounds and 9 blocks in a victory over the Orlando Magic. 9 of those rebounds were offensive, which helped contribute to his 26 points. So Davis nearly gets a triple-double in the first game of the season in only his 3rd season. Only Hakeem Olajuwon has done better in an opening game.

He showed his incredible ability to stretch up and grab the ball down out of the sky with his considerable reach. With his height and long arms, rebounds, blocks, and dunks look effortless. I’m sure he has attracted no shortage of attention for his performance in the season opener.

This was the less televised of the three NBA season opening games. With both a teetering Lakers and last year’s champion Spurs all playing opening games, this incredible performance by a young star was unexpected by broadcasters. That’s too bad. But after this I’m sure you’ll see more attention on the Pelicans and whatever opponents are next to get trampled.

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