Is This the Worst Driver in the World? Watch This Crazy Motorcyclist Go

OMG! How’s this even possible? This moped rider is way more awful than the worst driver I’ve ever seen!

He has not just one, but four crashes in succession, leaving a trail of angry motorists behind him:

  1. After hitting a van, Mr. Moped just leaves his passenger in the middle of the road like he forgot about him.
  2. In his rush to get away, he then rams a car.
  3. Next Mr. Moped bumps another moped…
  4. Then he slams into a bus!
  5. And finally, while trying to get away again, he drives into a hole full of water. And that’s where the video ends!

Lesson: Never run away after making mistakes or else there’ll be a larger tragedy waiting for you.

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