World’s Largest Vaccuum Cleaner Will Collect ‘Smog Rings’ (Videos)

Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde has developed an “electronic vacuum cleaner” to remove pollution from city skies, and plans to debut it in a new park in Beijing.

Using “patented ion technology,” the device creates an electrostatic field to attract dirt and dust particles which are brought down to earth in a giant smog ring.

The particles are then compressed into pieces of jewellery like cuff links to be sold at a nearby kiosk. All funds will go toward financing the park which is a non-profit project.

Each ring will cover an area of about 130 square feet, and can clean about 35,000 cubic feet of polluted air. The prototype will be tested in Roosegaarde’s hometown of Rotterdam, and there are already inquiries for larger versions in other parts of China like Chengdu, and Wuhan.

Speaking with, Roosegaarde said:

We’re building a sort of tower that sucks up dirty air, then in that spot it creates a bubble of clean air.

“It’s difficult, as it’s a sensitive topic,” he added. “Everybody is the cause of the problem, so no one wants to be the only one to solve it—that implies they are the cause. It’s very political, but step by step we are pushing.”


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