Stray Dog Follows Team for 430 Miles on Intense Race Across Amazon, Refused to Quit (Video)

This is Arthur, the stray dog who followed an extreme sports team on a grueling 430-mile race through the Amazon rainforest. He absolutely refused to leave their side until the finish. It all started with a Swedish meatball.

Stray dog

Stray dog followed team for 430 miles, they grew to love him. (Screenshot/Youtube)

  • The Swedish team Peak Performance were having a break before a big hike when they saw a stray dog
  • The Adventure Racing World Championship goes right through the Amazon rain forest
  • Mikael Lindnord gave the dog a meatball…the scruffy creature followed them on the 40 mile hike through knee high mud and jungle
  • They did try to get rid of him for his own safety, but the dog was not giving up, and became the fifth team member
  • Arthur got adopted for his efforts, and was flown home to Sweden

There’s some kind of Ikea, marketing secrets, make the meatballs and they will come, business plan being revealed here.

Stray dog

This dog loved meatballs, and needed a family too. (Screenshot/Youtube)

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