How to Get Big Lips, Kylie Jenner-Style

Being beautiful and sexy is the dream of almost every woman, and thanks to the Internet, we now have access to some of the secrets of celebrities.

I’ve never had the patience to spend hours on my makeup, so I probably won’t give this a try, but the video shows exactly what would happen to me if I tried to follow these tips!

Let’s see what some of the YouTubers who saw this video about Kylie Jenner lips said:

  • “Kylie Jenner doesn’t even have Kylie Jenner lips.”—Geraldine St. Louis
  • “Oh, I bet its fun. Changing up your face in a way to look like a totally different person/more attractive individual must be a blast!!!”—Cromez82
  • “We could just not judge girls by the shape of their lips, telling them that they have to look a certain way. Just a thought.”—Nathan Young
  • “As a guy, I really don’t like big fake lips. Thin, natural lips on women are actually really attractive. Stick with what you’ve got.”—StanChan

I would agree with Stan on this one, or as an old Chinese proverb says:

It’s not the beauty of a woman that blinds the man, the man blinds himself.

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