Crazy Taiwan Night Market Street Food: People Actually Eat This Stuff?

Taiwan’s many night markets are the source of some of the world’s tastiest and weirdest street food. As long as you are brave enough to taste test unknown treats, you will have a good time discovering new and delicious food that you never knew existed.

Night markets are an important part of Chinese culture. They started in Taiwan with vendors who set up stalls outside of temples. After praying, people would find many booths set up to sell them food. It just expanded from there, until the popularity of the night market itself exceeded its original purpose, and grew to serve more functions than just feeding those visiting a nearby temple.

Of course, you’ll still find temples hidden among the night markets, but you’ll have to search harder to find them among all the different foods, drinks, clothes, games, and souvenirs. Visiting night markets serves as the most popular social activity for locals and tourists in Taiwan.

Other places in Asia with Chinese populations also have similar kinds of markets, but none of them compare to the energy of the night market culture that you find in Taiwan.

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